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I've grown way too attached to you over the years and it would hurt me too much to see you trying to build a life with someone else.

So, I need to take a step back because I am "too attached" to you emotionally and need to get my feelings for you in check.' Again, just me being honest and communicating. She didn't take that conversation well and basically wanted to talk me out of taking a step back right then and just seeing how things played out - I did.

I should have stuck to my guns and just backed out, but, she was my best friend and I wanted to give it a shot.

Not in a confrontational way, but to be keep communication open.

I guess you could file this under "friendzone" or "unrequited love" or whatever.

I'm going to put the tl;dr at the top like I wish most people would: My best and very, close friend (female) lied to me for several months after I told her that my feelings for her were too strong continue to "just be friends" so that I wouldn't take a step back from the friendship with her - to adjust my feelings back to a more neutral state - which she absolutely didn't want. I'd like to have her back in my life, but know I couldn't trust her like I did prior to the lying and the friendship would never be like it was. End tl;dr So, as in the subject I had a female friend that I've known for about 20 years now going back to high school.

One day, she was caught taking some cash out of register. But the episode ends with the main character answering this question the way boss wanted it to hear. She stole before, this was simply first time she got caught. The old-timer version of "what goes around comes around." And that's pretty uniformly true.

then, in matter of a short conversation, true nature came out and that was end to friendship. They know, without anyone telling them, that no sane person would put up with being lied to or attacked, and in knowing this and acting in a way they know is wrong, they are essentially the one who is ending the friendship even if they try and play the role of victim. Some of the painful bad that you didn't know, you now do (due to pressure on her from others).

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Well, she continued to say little to nothing and we carried on like we always had as very, very close friends.