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A distraught Liz tells Tess that Max could have prevented Nick's accident, and Tess tells Claire.Harry, now recovering, tells Claire he's not changing his will to leave anything to Nick, and Claire tells Nick.

Claire breaks a rib trying to clear some land to grow crops.Rustlers have hit Killarney and Claire is worried about Drovers Run being hit.Tess finds an old man who worked under her father who may be rather balmy.Becky and Jodi see Brian grabbing his new bar girl Kimmy. Brian threatens Becky's family if she reports his rape, but Tess says they need to catch him in the act and Meg volunteers to seduce him, but can't seem to catch his interest -- until she's alone in her hotel room and her witnesses are back in the pub.Brian announces he and his wife are leaving Gungellan to care for an aged mother.

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