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Updating esx 3i

The Update Manager server can be installed on the same system as v Center Server or on a different system.The Update Manager provides two client components: Before you install Update Manager, you must install v Center Server.After you install the Update Manager server component, the Update Manager Web Client plug-in is automatically enabled on v Sphere Web Client.The Update Manager Web Client plug-in appears as an Update Manager tab under the Monitor tab in the v Sphere Web Client.The Update Manager Client provides you with the full set of capabilities you need to perform patch and version management for your v Sphere inventory.The Update Manager Client has a separate installer from the Update Manager server component.To use UMDS, the download service must be of a compatible version with the Update Manager server.

This release allows upgrades from Update Manager versions 4.x, 5.0, 5.1, 5.5 and their respective update releases that are installed on a 64-bit operating system.

When you install Update Manager or UMDS, v Sphere Update Manager Utility is silently installed on your system as an additional component.

The Update Manager Utility allows you to change the database password and proxy authentication, re-register Update Manager with v Center Server, and replace the SSL certificates for Update Manager.

You should not install UMDS 5.5 Update 2 with an existing UMDS 4.x download directory if your environment contains both Update Manager 4.x and Update Manager 5.x instances.

In such a case, you need an UMDS 4.x and an UMDS 5.x installation on two separate machines, so that you can export updates for the respective Update Manager versions.

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Each installation of v Sphere Update Manager must be associated with a single v Center Server instance.