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Speed dating in ontario ca

You’ll also learn how to show a goat so you can proudly display all of your hard work. Login to download project This project covers a wide variety of topics related to horses.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of horse health care and the how-tos of riding.

The practical skills of crocheting, using nature in crafts, needlework, painting and quilting can all be developed. Login to download project Explore different types of photography as you learn how your camera works, all on your way to becoming a better photographer.

Have fun, develop your own style and learn how to take great pictures! Login to download project This project focuses on digital video equipment and videography.

Become well-versed in the various species of Ontario field crops and their production techniques, develop skills in plant identification and grow your very own crop (or observe a friend’s).

By the end of this project you’ll be identifying crop species with your eyes closed. Login to download project No matter what we call it - soil, earth, dirt - it is one of the world's most basic and important natural resources.

Every day we step on it, build on it and produce food from it, and we do most of these things without giving much thought. Login to download project This project focuses on soil structure and conservation. Login to download project This project is all about soil basics and tillage; you’ll learn how to control erosion and plan a field layout.

Discover how soil is made, how we grow crops and practical ways to keep it where it belongs. Once that’s covered, you’ll move on to plow upkeep and maintenance for a well-rounded lesson in plowing 101. Login to download project This is a great project for junior members who love all animals and just can’t seem to decide which pet to choose. Login to download project This project is about exploring the life cycle of a beef cow.

This project is a great way to explore the world of fibre and fabric creation. Login to download project Learn techniques to add the touches to make a house a home.

With the help of this project you’ll be well acquainted with horses in no time. Login to download project Submitted by Norfolk 4-H. Or that llamas are used for fibre production, cart driving and packing, and as guard animals and therapy animals?

The world of llamas is explored through this project. Discover this and much, much more with the Llama Project. Login to download project This project has three key areas of focus: housing and management, breeding and marketing and nutrition.

The agency says the man was transferred to Niagara Regional Police custody and then taken back to hospital, where it was determined that he had a serious injury.

Investigators say the man and woman were considered risks to public safety.

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Police say 25 incidents have been linked to the couple since Aug.