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We provide software solutions for home security, video broadcasting, and remote video surveillance. It monitors your home or office 24 hours a day, captures motion event using webcams, saves into compressed video/audio clips and triggers alarm, it can also broadcast video to web pages.

Remote View can connect to Watcher via a telephone line (modem) or internet (TCP/IP), that enables you to do remote surveillance anywhere in the world by real time video streaming. Scheduling and running as NT service is also supported.

For help on broadcasting, please refer to: settings_For help on Remote View, please refer to: The best thing is that broadcasting or listening can operate simultaneously with monitoring. "Very insensitive" means that trivial motion will not be captured, only the dramatic motion will be captured. "Very sensitive" means that even small motion will be captured and if set too high, may produce false events.

So while you can view video remotely, Watcher is doing the monitoring job at the same time, performing motion detection, logging video, and trigger various alerts (like email, FTP), etc. The user is suggested to test and fine tune this setting to a suitable level according to different environments and needs.

Please refer the the settings manual on how to set up Watcher for Local Web Server broadcasting.

We use three secure traction service providers to process credit card online, you can choose either of them. The first is to put Watcher in broadcasting mode, and use Internet Explorer from anywhere in the world to view what's happening at Watcher side.

If one of them rejects your credit card, you can try another one. If you don't want to use credit card online, you can use cheques, wire transfer, etc. Please go to our purchase page, and make your selections, the steps should be intuitive. The second way is to put Watcher in listening mode, and use the free Remote View tool to stream video/audio from Watcher in real time, using either TCP/IP connecton or modem-to-modem connection.

You can simply download and install the latest version.

By default the new version is installed into a directory that is different from the old installation directory.

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After discussion with Norton, we removed the stealth mode in version 2.34, and Norton no longer identifies Watcher 2.34 as spyware.