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That's until one of his brothers turn up freshly single. This is a story of How Dean got his girl and why he is forever thankful to Ron for his life. Hermione returns to Hogwarts for a reunion after living in Australia. This is my first fanfiction so please be nice and any help to make it better is appreciated. Oliver Wood has a secret wedding that is put on the front page of the daily prophet, who is Mrs Wood?

(Warning, Graphic Violence-Please don't read if this offends you)A/N- Hey guys :) This is my third fanfiction story on this site, and i hope it turns out well :)Chapter One I was sitting at the burrow, like I did almost every summer before school started again, but this time it was different for many reasons. Don't let my idiot brother tell you any different." She said softly."Can I be alone, please? But if he comes in here and acts like that, just call for me okay? 'Give me five minutes, brother,' he said, 'I'll go chuck the fake pregnancy test and come back.' Hermione handed it to him. You really are a most efficient prankstress,' he said, affectionately. 'I think we can get a lot done in that much time, don't you? Weasley cleared away the table and began to set the plates. 'I can't breathe for laughing.'Fred chuckled and got up, slapping his twin on the back. 'My twin brother now believes he had me tricked good and proper. ' she asked.'Five minutes,' George replied, tracing her lips with her index finger. You know why- we have to discuss- well, .' she finished. 'Thank god you didn't know how read it.'Hermione waited till Fred had left the room and turned to George.'He fell for it! She was mentally going over the dinner she had prepared for that night.He was dressed in jeans and a white shirt, with a cut-sleeve black blazer over it. Hermione did not offer hers, and he slid it back into his pocket.'I ordered tea,' she informed him.

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When he spoke again, Hermione sensed a tingle of mischief in his voice.'Oh, yes,' he said, through a smile. How foolish of me- I keep making that mistake, don't I, Herms? After all, she had spoken to him about it just yesterday.'He had a thing for cutting lines abruptly. Fred and I were just- er- just discussing some business plans.''Hermione-' he began. He still had a slightly shocked look on his face, but a slow grin was beginning to form.'Hey Fred,' he said, waving cheerily up at his brother. But why don't you tell me- how long was this secret relationship really going on for? George nodded, and threw some sickles down on the table, to pay for Hermione's tea. ''Business plans,' Hermione said, weakly.'Well, I hope you discussed enough with George this morning,' said Mrs. 'Fred gently took her arm, and led her into the parlor and up the stairs. 'I'll figure out something.' He turned to Hermione.

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