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Dating violence in michigan

How does a community address domestic violence and sexual assault when calling the police is not often an option?This is the question facing Native communities in Michigan, according to Lori Jump and Rachel Carr of the advocacy group Uniting Three Fires Against Violence. (AP) - Victims' rights advocates say Michigan lags behind some other states when it comes to laws meant to keep guns from domestic abusers.Women are being arrested more frequently than they were 20 years ago.A new study from Michigan State University says arrests have increased 26.7% since 1993, while arrests for violent crimes have jumped 53.2%. He said some attorneys use newly filed cases to contact defendants who may not yet be aware their spouse is leaving them.Strasberg got the idea for the non-profit after a co-worker and her children became homeless.

Often the best source of help and information is your local program."And I think this is a first step to righting the ship and making things right." One bill in the package would allow victims to include their pets in personal protection orders.Kosowski said abusers often threaten family pets as a means of controlling their victims.After her testimony, Ann Arbor District Judge Karen Quinlan Valvo ruled that there is sufficient evidence for Kevin Beverly to stand trial against the new charges brought forward by Attorney General Bill Schuette.Those charges include witness intimidation and extortion.

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Under the new law, victims who have a personal protection order would be able to get a court order from a judge to cancel or transfer their cell phone or data plan that they share with an accused abuser.

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